The Lion Tries To Sleep Tonight

Sleep is so sacred to my father…so much so that if his sleep supply is threatened in any way, trucks and tigers could not stop him from resolving matters. Abundantly acted by Katie Lasky and Chris Coxen. Provocatively shot and edited by Matt Walczak.

The Diss from KISS

It’s 2005 and Chris Coxen and his sketch pal Nate are putting together their first big sketch show. In their wild attempts to promote the show, Chris makes the bold move to try and convince Boston’s most popular morning show, “Matty In The Morning”, to give his darling characters some choice air time. Expertly acted by Maria Ciampa (pronounced “Champa” and means “Champion” in Italian) and superbly shot/edited by Matt Walczak. Oh, Chris Coxen is in it too.