I’ve always admired socks. They’ve never burdened themselves with the election of a side, equally content to find themselves on the left foot or the right foot but now, behold, in this harsh wretched polarized political landscape, even the non-partisan innocence of socks is dashed like a Division 3 jock’s dreams on graduation day.

First batch of “¡Buenas tardes, Barry Tattle!” (photos by www.petergumaskas.com)

While it might take a non professional 100 tries to position the index finger so perfectly in a photo, it took Barry half a try.
Again, nuclear precision with the finger pointing…this time with the right. 
God gave us chins so that we would stroke them pensively.
“Oh,” said Barry, “No more of this high risk photography!” 
“On second thought,” Barry reconsidered, “let me introduce you to the Bermuda Triangle”.